why smaart water

Smaart Water works to preserve nature’s most precious resource, water, through cutting-edge water management. The essence of our solutions are integration, holism and sustainability. Having studied the issues pertaining to water in myriad set-ups, we have developed solutions which align the water needs of a project with the overarching goal of environmental sustainability.

Better yet, you make massive capital and operating cost savings, incur low recurring costs and have access to solutions that complement the aesthetics of your property. Say goodbye to bulky overhead tanks for good!


When it comes to our approach, we look at each stage through the lens of quality and eco-sustainability. This perspective helps us help you and the planet that much better. And all through the medium of water. Take a look at the 4 stages of our ‘Blue is Green’ Approach:

stage 1

assessing your needs through customer engagement

stage 2

checking the site conditions for water quality and power usage

stage 3

developing water budgets and consumption profiles

stage 4

providing sustainable solutions via the appropriate combination of products.


The Smaart Water team has made a great effort to understand our requirements and recommend the best solution for purification and supply of water in Alibaug.

Manesh Ganjawala

Regd. Architect & Interior Designer
Regd. Valuer

Smaart Water System is functioning well. The water pressure is good, the power consumption is low and the system is easy to operate. The staffs are pleasant and prompt in providing services.

Jayendra Shinde

Crystal Villa, Kihim Beach

The overall aspect of the systems, their design, their functioning and the aesthetics have been executed with utmost care & precision true to the firms hallmark.

Hoshner Wadia

Facets Design,
Managing Director